• Samsung 25W charger
  • Samsung 25W charger

Samsung 25W charger

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Samsung 25W charger from our store is the best original Samsung charger at a very special price.
Samsung 25W charger specifications

  • Brand: Samsung
  • black color
  • Compatible Devices: Samsung
  • Charger port type: USB-C
  • Number of charging ports: 1 port
  • Charger Weight: 140g
  • The charger is compatible with all Samsung phones that support fast and normal charging because it supports power delivery from 7.5 watts to 25 watts.

Samsung 25W charger features

  • It ensures that the mobile battery is preserved for as long as possible.
  • Samsung 25W charger features fast charging and ensures more efficient charging.
  • The charger is light and easy to carry anywhere.
  • It features less heat production and longer battery life.
  • Ultra fast charger.

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